Loop – 151 North Michigan Avenue – 37th floor


How likely would you be to recommend your apartment to a friend? (1-10)


Most surprising things about this apartment

During 2016 and 2017 a troop of musicians known as the “bucket boys” banged buckets with sticks on Michigan Ave directly across the street. The bucket boys seemed to know something about acoustics because they chose to play immediately in front of a building with a concave shape that caused the sound of their banging to reverberate up and down Michigan.

The bucket boys showed unbelievable physical stamina in that they played from late morning til night seemingly without rest. They also proved resistant to police – Whenever residents of our building called in a noise complaint, the bucket boys would momentarily relocate once the police arrived but would be back at full strength within 20 minutes.

I’m not sure what happened to them, but they seem to be quieter this year.


Why did you choose this apartment?

I moved to Chicago to attend graduate school. Most of my class happens to live in this building, and I wanted to live with my classmates. The location is excellent for me because I take the Metra Electric commuter rail to class every morning.

How did you find your apartment?

I visited the building’s website and contacted management directly. My roommates and I joined the waiting list for fall move-ins some time during the spring and learned in July that we had gotten the apartment.

Do you think some units in this building are better than others?

Definitely – Upper floors facing Millennium park (typically 3 bedrooms) are the best because they get great light and lake breezes. Also, north-facing units are far quieter than units facing Michigan Ave.

Has anything about the apartment surprised you (for better or worse)?

The downside of the building’s central location on Michigan is that it can be very noisy, particularly during the summer months when the street performers play day and night.

If your apartment were for sale, would you buy it?


What are your neighbors like?

Most residents of this building seem to be students in their 20s, though there are residents of all ages. We’ve had a lot of parties and no one seems to mind the noise.

What’s your commute and how convenience is this location?

I commute to school in Hyde Park and this location is excellent as the building is located at the northern terminus of the Metra Electric line – the northernmost point in Chicago at which you still have direct southerly rail access.

What do you think of your neighborhood?

Feels like we live in Chicago’s version of Times Square – It’s less a neighborhood than a transit hub and business center. Convenient and busy, but charmless!

How would you describe your unit’s fit and finish?

Everything works and is reasonably modern, but the finish is a bit dated. Nothing fancy, but easy to keep clean.

How long do expect to stay in this apartment?


Facts about my apartment

  • Floor: 37
  • Bedrooms: 3
  • Bathrooms: 2
  • Rent: $3,300
  • Move-in fee: $0
  • Move-out fee: $0
  • Security deposit: $0
  • Months free: 0

Standard assessment

  • Landry: Shared
    • Quality of shared laundry: Good
  • Landlord responsiveness: Good
  • Internet: Supernova Networks
    • Internet quality: Needs improvement
  • TV: DirecTV
    • TV quality: Needs improvement
  • Water pressure: Good
  • Pest control: Good
  • Types of tenants: Students/young people
    • Tenants’ socioeconomic level: Upper middle class
  • How rent is paid: Web payment portal
    • Rent payment portal quality: Good
  • Doorman: Yes
    • Doorman quality: Good
  • Appliance quality: Good
  • Noise level: Needs improvement
  • Mail handling: Staffed parcel room
    • Mail handling quality: Needs improvement

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